20, Aug 2018

Patch Infos
- Invisible potion has been fixed to lvl 14

- 14d set-15d wep drop has been increased

- Cleric Sainta Abnormal H skill has been fixed

- Roc gate has been fixed to lvl 140

- Fearless Coin has been removed from HWT scrolls

- Battle arena reward has been increased to 10

- Add new Gift scroll for [EM] events

- Add new avatars [testing]



The server is Online now

> Update INFO:-

1- Add 15D Weapons drop at the New mobs [Jangan - Petra Desert]
2- Add 14D Set drop at the New mobs 
3- Fearless coin & Honor points has been removed from the Job System
4- Add New Style for the New Devil 
5- Edit some Avatars to be Normal (remove devil effect from it) like Angel Wing...etc 
6- Fix new skills name at Bot 
7- Decrease Donate Silk prices at NPC
8- Add Fearless Coin as reward at KillGm event 
9- Guild/Union emblem has been fixed 
10- Now Battle arena give more Fearless Coin [7 for winner, 2 for lose] team 
11- Fixing a few skills issues [like cleric ress delay..] 
12- Exp rate from 125 to 130 has been increased 
13- Add Fearless coin to HWT lvl.1, lvl.2 and lvl.3 scrolls 
14- FW limit is [3 characters], means everyone can open 3 chars at FW time [under discussion]
15- HWT scrolls drop rate has been increased

Hint: make sure that your bot pick the new scrolls
15D Nova weapons scroll
14D sun set scroll
How to get Fearless Coin?
1- Battle arena [win = 7, lose = 2] every 1h
2- HWT scrolls [lvl1= 15. lvl2= 20, lvl3= 30]
3- Kill GM auto event


New 140 Mastery Skills

** Attentions plz **
- For adding the new lvl of Mastery Skill, download this link and follow the steps


1- Download this link
2- Extract inside the game folder
3- Accept the replacement
4- Open [Chaos Updater OLD filter] and w8
5- When its done, Open sro_connector
6- Start the game and enjoy

Hint: you must close the game and ur bot before that
The server will be restarted today to take the effect


Chaos Client

Cap 140 - D15 Update

** Hello guys **
As we know that is ChaosOnline is a cap 130 server for more than 8 years, so we decided to upgrade our server to cap 140 with a few edits to make it balanced.
We didn't forget about the new players so we have add some edits will help the new players.

>> For new players:-

Instant Level 125

- Add Special 15D weps with the new chars
>Not Tradable weapons
>Max+ is 5
>Sell price is 1 gold

- Add Full 13D Sun FB 61% +5 set with the new chars [Max+ is 10]


>> Update info:-

- Ramadan Style has been removed
- Cap 140 has been released
- Add new 140 skills for CH and EU [opened at lvl 130]
- Add new 133~140 mobs at Petra Desert [more places will be add later]
- Add new Coin [Fearless Coin]
>can be optained from Battle Arena ONLY [info will be released later]
- Boneroc unique has been removed for now
- Petra Desert teleport lvl starts from 130+
- Petra Desert reverse points lvl starts from 130+
- Increase Purification Pills lvl to lvl 14
- Add 15D Immortal at PVP System
>You can pvp each other for immortals
- Old char effect has been removed
- Add new char effect
- NPCs has been moved to jangan
- NPC area has been closed
- 13D weps/set has been removed from npc
- 13D stones has been removed from npc
- 15D weps has been removed from npc
- 15D stones has been moved to Stones Shop
- Unique event [auto event] has been disabled for now
- Ways to get 15d immortal will be posted later
- Add Reverse Scroll at Donate NPC
- 15D moon weps has been released with a style [SOON]
- 15D nova set has been released [SOON]

How to get:
>Upgrade ur 15Dnova weapon +17 or higher to 15D Moon weapon
>Upgrade ur 14D set +15 no adv or higher to 15D Nova set

- 2 upgrade scrolls will be add later
- Add 15d nova set/acc/weps drop at the new mobs at Petra Desert [hard] [SOON]
- Add 15d moon weps drop at the new mobs at Petra Desert [harder] [SOON]
- You can get global from a quest now at Town Of Darkness

Elitepvpers thread

Silkroad4arab thread


Add New Char stuff

- Now new char will be created with full 13D items
- Selling 13D items to any npc will be for 1 gold

Add: 13D sun FB full 61%


Server Info

  • Server is : ONLINE
  • Online Players : 18 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: x / 3

  • Cap: 140 PVE
  • Race: CH/EUR
  • Degree: 14-15
  • Battle-Arena: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • Max Plus: 18 noADV
  • Help System: Enabled
  • Free Silk: 100k auto re-fill
  • PC (HWID): 8
  • Union Limit: 2
  • Guild Limit: 50


  • Timer: 07:46:35
  • Battle1:
  • Battle2:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Thursday-Monday 10:00 - 18:00