Hello Community,

This is Chaos.

Donate for egyptians

Our Guide :

Cap : 140

DG : 14 - (15 for Weapons/Shields)

Mastery Skills : 140, 2x for European and 3x for Chinese

Max Plus : +16 no adv for D14 (+20 with adv)

Max Plus : +18 no adv for D15 (There is no adv)

PVE System

Free Instant title name / Help Items / silks


Free Plvl bot at Lv Up Area 1 ~ 115 (You can go there from JANGAN) Auto PT join. [Disabled for now]

New NPCs at Jangan.


New Quests at Town of darkness.

New Protect filter


And more

New Model switchers scrolls for D15 Weapons/Shields Only

New [BOT]Helper / [BOT]System Start with Hi

New Dark Uniques Area from Town of darkness have Roc INT / STR Drop 30 Donate silks 

And GM Uniques (Rank Points)

New Areas from Hotan.

Arena coins drop from Baghdad/Samarkand/Petra Mobs

New Surprise Scroll drop from Phantom Desert Mobs And King Roc (Roc Mountain)

New Devil 31% (2x Skills [31% and 25%])

New Prem 20% [Lucky 30%]

New Full Honor Scroll

New God's Blessing Scroll

New Title Names From [BOT]System (Titles List) To Order!

Activated Holy Water Temple, 3 Levels, Uniques of each of them drop A Different Kind of Scrolls

For example :

Holy Water Temple Level 1, Uniques will drop HWT Scroll (lvl.1)

Holy Water Temple Level 2, Uniques will drop HWT Scroll (lvl.2)

Holy Water Temple Level 3, Uniques will drop HWT Scroll (lvl.3)

Sockets Available at Alexandria North Gerocery Trader Kapra Shop.

You can get D14 Weapons from Forgotten world collection [The Sea of Resentment Collection]

Forgotten world Pillar can be found at Baghdad mobs as a Drop.

Also you can get the Talismans from EM's Events

Or you can buy it for Arena coins!

You can get D14 Set/Accessorys for Arena coins from NPC's area

You can get D15 Weapon/Shield by UPGRADING your D14 +10 NO ADV Weapon/Shield or +12 ADV

A New Lock System for your secure!

New Uniques, Places :

GM Uniques from Jangan - Town Of Darkness - Dark uniques.
STR-INT Roc from Jangan - Town Of Darkness - Dark uniques.
Isis - Anubis from Hotan - Survival Arena & Job Temple.
Arabia Uniques at Arabia Room Lvl.125.
Void Devil from Hotan - Petra Cave.
Bone Slayer Roc from Jangan - Bone roc.

Server Info

  • Server is : ONLINE
  • Online Players : 109 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: x / 3

  • Cap: 140 PVE
  • Race: CH/EUR
  • Degree: 14-15
  • Battle-Arena: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • Max Plus: 18 noADV
  • Help System: Enabled
  • Free Silk: 100k auto re-fill
  • PC (HWID): 8
  • Union Limit: 2
  • Guild Limit: 50


  • Timer: 06:43:47
  • Battle1:
  • Battle2:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Thursday-Monday 10:00 - 18:00