17-3-2018 Update ...

Update info

* UniqueHunt System:
- A [Rage Cloud] unique will appear in random places at random time for 50 donate silk ... [4 times per day]

* HWT:

- HWT have 3 levels
> Beginner : Easy uniques will drop HWT Scroll [lvl1]
> Immediate : Strong uniques will drop HWT Scroll [lvl2]
> Avanced : Elite uniques will drop HWT Scroll [lvl3]

Hint: Rewards can be changed,,, And rates is not 100%

HWT scrolls

* STR - INT unique:
2 STR uniques will drop 15d immortal [rate 50%][2 times]
2 INT uniques will drop 15d immortal [rate 50%][2 times]

unique names:-
Abshad Force High General(STR)
Abshad Force High General(INT)

STR INT uniques drop 15d immortals


12-02-2018 Update ...

A new update is out now..

- New Model Switch scrolls has been released
- New avatars has been add [It'll be add to the shop/buy system SOON]

JOO style has been fixed. You can use it NOW


Latest Update Info...

New update Info [for now]:-

- A new launcher by Pop
- Changed some icons ( Donate coin - Arena - Gift Scroll )
- Add new 22D Style from 15D weapons
- Add new Pickatu GPet
- Add new Buy System (PM [GA]System with Buy System)
- Fixed EGY Lock over effect

>> All the new avatars like (Nurse) will be add at the System

... More is coming UP

Chaos Network

Attention pls

** Latest Updates **

To start the game, please download the latest (sro_connector) from here
- Extract Sro_connector inside the game
- Don'et let the antivirus remove it
- Open sro_connector OLD and don't close it
- Start the game and enjoy

** For your security **
- Scan ur PC with a strong antivirus
- Change PW constantly every 1-2 weeks with capital and small letters and numbers
- Don't give ur ID-PW to anyone
- Don't give ur items to anyone
- Lock ur items ( ITS A FREE SYSTEM )
- Don't accept any weird links at ur FaceBook account

At last change ur PW now as a start to protect ur account

Regards.... Chaos TEAM

EXCLUSIVE * CHANGE RACE System 23-8-2017
Info: Change ur Race from CH to EU or EU to CH
Normal Unique Rank System:- 
We introduce a new Normal Unique system. For more fun and more helping from us to all players, we just doing our best to create FUN from anything we have.
- Kill Normal uniques
- Get reward + Title
1- Unique Killer Title ( like: TigerGirl Killer )
2- 50 donate silks
List of uniques
1- Tiger Girl
2- Captain Ivy
3- Cerberus
4- Uruchi
5- Isyutaru
6- Lord Yarkan
Regards .....

Weekly Update 9-7-2017

- Warlock Stuns has been increased from lvl12 to lvl13
- Force debuffs has been increased from lvl12 to lvl13
- Advanced Reflect Probability has been decreased (balance)
- Add a new teleport to Phantom Desert from Baghdad/Hotan
- New Devil avatars changed [Scorpion Avatar]
- Add Silk per hour system and give Gift Silks[Not Free Silks]
- Warrior skills has been modified
- Wizzard skills has been modified
- Some of Cleric buffs has been fixed
- Attack pet HP potion recovery has been increased
- Add Mastrey Scrolls Shop [ skills lvlup ]
- Title shop has been removed
- Add title system by PM. PM [GA]System with Hi and follow the steps
- Honor rank is daily refreshed
- Farming at Job Room = NO Points = NO HONOR
- Locked system has been add for EGY Style
- Ramadan Scroll has been disabled
- Gift scroll is back
- Attack Pet HP has been increased (players request)
- Add: How many Online players at the site(refresh every 5mins)

>> Next Update info:-

- Add a new shop sell some important scrolls/items+ Immortal 15D with this gift silk [not tradable item].
- Add all new avatars at the shop ( like Blue Soul Knight...etc )
- Remove 12D immortal/Astral from Donate Shop
- Remove Lock Scroll [Lock system is working perfectly]
- Remove Change weapons scrolls from shop/procedure
- Decrease Switch weapons price from 150 to 100 silk[From 9D to 15D]
- You can switch any weapons from the new Switch Weapons system
- Remove Reset status scroll
- Remove Reset skills scroll
- Remove Job Penality scroll
- Remove Premium remove scroll
- Remove Change name scroll
- Remove Max Durability remove Scroll
- Remove FGW Books remove scroll
- Add Reset system by PM [Status-Skills-Job-Premium-ChangeName-ADV-MAX-FGW] PM [GA]System with hi and /Reset

Free systems:-

- Premium Remove system
- ADV Remove system
- Max Durabilty system [HOT:it remove MAX Only not all blues]
- FGW Books remove system

Any ideas for the next update, send me a msg at our FB FanPage . Regards


A new PVP system has been released

- Hi guys, we are doing our best to create more fun by anyways.
- To start the system PM [GA]System with hi. And follow the video 
>> The system is a pvp 1 vs 1 with anyone u'll choose. And u'll play for gold or silk. 

Edit:- /PVP is the key to start the system instead of /Challenge

Update info 29-5-2017:-
- New Intro to avoid crashing for some ppl
- Jangan FW has been disabled
- Bandit FW has been disabled
- Constantinople FW has been Enabled
- 15D immortal icon has been changed to avoid scammers
- Critical stone bug has been fixed
- Add new Happy Ramadan Scroll
ChaosImmortal 15D

Roc 107 Update:-

- Roc 107 gate has been enabled at eveny Monday at 6:00 PM [ GMT +0 ] 8:00 PM [ EGY ]

- Drop is Surprise Scroll with 100% drop rate

- You must do the quests to get the Key to enter the gate

- The key will be add at the NPC soon.

Roc Gate

Server Info

  • Server is : ONLINE
  • Online Players : 118 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: x / 4

  • Cap: 130 PVE
  • Race: CH/EUR
  • Degree: 14-15
  • Battle-Arena: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • Max Plus: 18 noADV
  • Help System: Enabled
  • Free Silk: 100k auto re-fill
  • PC (HWID): 8
  • Union Limit: 2
  • Guild Limit: 32


  • Timer: 11:02:00
  • Battle1:
  • Battle2:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Thursday-Monday 10:00 - 18:00