Add New Char stuff

- Now new char will be created with full 13D items
- Selling 13D items to any npc will be for 1 gold

Add: 13D sun FB full 61%


Website Update

** Website Update ** 12/5/2018
1- Added Ingame, Facebook Group and Events Rules (Weekly rules under creation)
2- Added Team Members (FAQ)
3- Added full Game guide
4- Enabled Ticket System
>> That's mean i will not answer any FB Page chat anymore, You can just talk me via Ticket System, I will answer it Directly
>> Try to say everything you want in 1 Ticket only, To make it easier for both of us.

New Lock System

** New Lock System has been enabled **
Hint: This new system works only with the new update

- Now you can lock all whole char with 1 order [all your items even HP-MP]
- Just say in all chat !Lock 123456
>> 123456= this is your pw, write whatever you want
- To unlock just say in all chat !Unlock 123456


Lock System

Mastery Skills ┘ŹSystem [FINISHED]

Mastery Skills system is FREE now from the system for a few days..
PM [BOT]System with Mastery Skills... and up ur builds for free

- HWT scrolls rate has been increased
- New Glaive/Spear skills has been add
- 1 Wizzard skill has been add

$[BOT]System Mastery:Cold
$[BOT]System Mastery:Fire
$[BOT]System Mastery:Force
$[BOT]System Mastery:Lightning
$[BOT]System Mastery:Bicheon >> for Sword/Blade skills
$[BOT]System Mastery:Heuksal >> for Glaive/Spear skills
$[BOT]System Mastery:Pacheon >> for Bow skills

Mastery Skills


13-4-2018 Update

** Update Info 13-4-2018 **

- Senior General/Baron titles has been fixed
- HWT icons has been fixed
- All new skills has been deleted [over edited skills]
> So you'll use the original skills
- Add 100m SP to all players
- Reset all players skills
- Bards buffs has been enabled [disabled at FW zone]
- STR-INT buffs has been enabled [disabled at FW zone]
- New effects for weekly ranks has been add [info will be released later]


Chaos Road

Server Info

  • Server is : ONLINE
  • Online Players : 65 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: x / 4

  • Cap: 140 PVE
  • Race: CH/EUR
  • Degree: 14-15
  • Battle-Arena: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • Max Plus: 18 noADV
  • Help System: Enabled
  • Free Silk: 100k auto re-fill
  • PC (HWID): 8
  • Union Limit: 2
  • Guild Limit: 50


  • Timer: 19:45:46
  • Battle1:
  • Battle2:
  • Medusa:
  • FortressWar:
  • FW Register: Everyday
  • Job War: